Romas Banaitis Handmade Custom Titanium Rings

Hi , My name is Romas and I’m a jeweler, sculptor, knife maker, craftsman, fabricator , carpenter, artist, husband and father. I love creating things with my hands. As a youth, I discovered a creative engine inside of me powering my thoughts and actions. This energy was first kindled, as a teen, by the love of music and learning how to play musical instruments to express creativity. It progressed into a passion for the process of making visual art and the pursuit of craftmanship. My Art teachers in High School recognized my abilities, helped me create a great portfolio and encouraged me to continue to explore art as a career option. I was accepted into the Class of 1995 at Massachusetts College of Art where I explored, experimented and refined my skills. From: Jewelry Design to Woodworking, Metal Fabrication, Foundry, Blacksmithing, Welding, Photography, Drawing, Painting, Mold Making, Casting and Sculpture. Graduating with a BFA in Fine Arts, I have had many great opportunities to work with and for other amazing artists, artisans and craftsmen in the Boston Area. I have also enjoyed learning from my own creative pursuits, evolving from Music to Ceramics, Sculpture, Knifemaking, Wood working, Jewelry Making and Painting. I opened my Etsy Shop in 2010 specializing in handmade custom titanium rings. Read More

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